Stoneheart Pulitzer Nominee

 Gunnery Sergeant Perceval Stone, after 39 years is handed his separation papers because of TBI & PTSD.  He was  always first to step forward, first to go where ever he has been needed – until he was no longer needed there; but  somewhere else.

All of his life has been about living on a base, being a Marine and living in strange places, learning stranger customs, and even stranger languages. Now he is handed his papers and told to go somewhere he has never been before—home.

Now he must face his own devils as he searches for the compass within him—in a country that has lost its own compass.

In an effort to find his peace, he ends up beside a tranquil lake, watching a perfect sunset.

And then the phone rings . . .



A Pulitzer Prize nominated, feel-good book for every Vet, family of a Vet, or just someone who likes a book about the power of friendships, and finding one’s purpose or compass.

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